Friday, January 22, 2010


♥ 欢迎来到 sweet sweet love ♥
必須詳細填下以下質料, 请诚实回答不可偷看其他人答案。

♥ 您的个人资料 ♥
*爱好: 多到不会数
*专长: 应该没有
*生日: 17.7.1992

♥ [必填[請填下眞實資料] ♥
*谁把这份问卷转发给你:keimui kiv
*你喜欢和他/她做朋友吗: Of course
*他/她的个性:Too many
*他/她的缺点:Unknow xD
*你喜欢他/她哪一点:i also dun know

*和他/她在一起的感觉:like sister and brother lol

*有人追他/她吗:i think got gua..her told me de

*他/她跟哪一个异性朋友最靠近:dun know his
* 那一位异性朋友喜欢他/她吗:dun know his
*想对他/她说的话:+u go find your bf...hahaha

♥ 必填 [真心话1] ♥
*现在有人追求你吗:i hope got

*多少个在追你呀: dunno..maybe i also din have

*和他们什么关系: 没有关系

*是你班的吗?谁?:no comment-_-lll

*你喜欢的人的个性:too many
*有没有情敌:I think got gua
*有想过和你喜欢的人告白吗: secret

♥ 必填[真心话2] ♥
* 你的初恋:walao so long liao
*现在有人暗恋你吗: hope got
*拍拖过吗:can say got can say dun
*他/她几时说他喜欢你:long long time ago
*他/她有希望吗:Got gua
*想对他/她说的话: Emm...secret

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

closing few day to update new setting...........

Monday, September 21, 2009

First Day Hari Raya

Early morning follow my father go to ioi wait jun meng they all...
About 9.30a.m. i reach the ioi coz they told me they 10 a.m. will reach they...
Until 10.30 a.m. they only come..
Afther this we go to red box booking the room..
after booking we go to play snooker ..
i get the most higher mark-57,we all also get -mark..
Until 2p.m. we go to red box...
Sing until 6p.m. we actually we wan go to eat buffet but finally we go to eat MCdonald..
about 8p.m. we go back...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

BBQ party

morning go neway with teng chung, jia wen, magdelynn, soon yau..
We sing until 3p.m. then we sit the mini bus go to tesco buy the chicken wing and.....
Buy the materials about Rm100..
After this we sit bus back to my home..
Then we start to prepare the materials..
then we only know the most imported thing no buy yet..
About 5.30 i drive the car bring soon yau to his home take the BBQ set and go to buy the charcoal,
Then suddenly have a heavy rain..
Damn unlucky..
we go carry jia hou, jun ming and steven to my house..
we inside the Pavilion BBQ...
About 10.30, Steven they all go swimming pool swimming..
I send Teng Chung gf magdelynn go back home first then go back my house bring there all go back..
About 12a.m. start to send there back..
one time send 6 people go back..
Unlucky no take the pic 7 people include me sit in one car wira..
After send few back to home..
go to petrol station refuel petrol about Rm30..
After send there all back..
is about 1.10a.m

later only post de pic

ps: have a bit cacat

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Today BC paper still ok la..
To long no study and write chinese..
make me don't know how to write..
All dont know how to do..
Haiz...dotn know can get 20 mark anot??
Sorry Brandon dont know why suddenly scold you..

Monday, August 17, 2009


is Trial Exam..
Really don't know how to do..
wish can pass this 2 paper..

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Discover i love you until now.
Does not dare to tell you i like you.
When everyday see you,
try to maintain like a normal friend.
When see you sit with other people,
my heart will very pain,
Do know why always think about u..
now i better what also don't want to think,
Try to focus in this time exam,
After this time exam only think what i need to do,
But i will love you in my heart,
until i dare to tell you i love you...